All my life I have been drawn to water and its surroundings: the Atlantic on the Jersey shore, the Schuylkill River in southeastern Pennsylvania, the Great Lakes Michigan and Superior, and for more than thirty years the Pacific along the Oregon coast and the rivers, streams, and wetlands that feed her. While this fascination with water and the places and creatures it touches is philosophical and spiritual, my work in photography is driven by the details that emerge from the visual aesthetic I encounter when looking at and into water in its various forms—still water, flowing water, rain or snow, fog and cloud. The images in this site reveal what I see as I walk along one or another shoreline.

Prints available here: Russell Tomlin | Photography

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Flitered Light on Glasgow Tree (by russell.tomlin)

Flitered Light on Glasgow Tree (by russell.tomlin)

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    This is somthing I want to incorporate into my new series. Experimenting with light.
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    Flitered Light on Glasgow Tree (by russell.tomlin)
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